Thursday, October 23, 2014

Venus in Scorpio: "I've Love You to Death or Die Trying."

Warning: Venus has enter Scorpio. Do NOT under-estimate the emotional danger and risks that may arise in relationships during this time, ESPECIALLY if you're a Fixed sign (Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius). 

Venus is in Her detriment (lacking awareness of the higher qualities of the planet's energy) in Scorpio: jealousy, intensity of ownership toward objects of affection and property, and desires for sexual fulfillment which may be violent if not agreeable to the selected "victim" of choice. (Also, think of a female praying mantis: if you know what she does to her mate, you'll get the idea.) Emotions and passions run extremely strong during this time--and revenge can be a bitter result in love-hate partnerships, especially if trust has been betrayed. In Greek mythology, Medea was outraged that Jason had cast her aside for another woman--and in her rage, she killed her own children. The old saying "Hell knows no fury like a scorned woman" is VERY true and possible during the transit of Venus in Scorpio! 

However, it's not all for worry with the goddess of Love in this sign: a dramatic personality may find new outlets for attention and display (with a touch of "come closer if you dare"), and occult studies and mysteries (such as an enjoyment of solving mysteries or an appreciation of forensic sciences) may be heightened. Just be sure you're not Dr. Frankenstein building a bride for your latest creation--he or she may be intent on love with a painfully dangerous twist!

Monday, September 29, 2014

"All in Love is Fair and Equal," says Venus in Libra

There is refinement, sharing, appreciation, union, and cooperation to bring to a loved one, family, friends, and more when Venus slips into Libra. Most of all, this is a time for identifying, validating, and pledging oneself in a committed relationship. Of special note: Libra being the sign of Balance, there is every reason to expect more achievement and success in the same-sex marriage vote here in the U.S.
   Even though Venus in Libra is traditionally about benevolence and willingness between lovers, it can be tricky too: a strong desire to please and not be challenging; to be accepting and even yielding more than ever or before; manipulation can also be a factor if it means a victory or achieved result. 
   And it's also a time be lazy, wanting to take the easy way out or the line of least resistance. You can also be very indecisive. You may need people and find it difficult to feel comfortable in your own company.
    So what should you do? Remember that you have boundaries; you may compromise your own in a willingness of bliss, desire, or desperation. At least know that this is a time to find peace within and with each other. You may go back and fix up an old matter, or at least be more cooperative with your Significant Other. Honor that person--be aware that they are sharing their life with you--and that this is a gift. Thank your partner; spend some time showing your appreciation--and be willing to accept it from them.
   And enjoy. Venus rules Libra, so it's also about pleasure and fun with someone else.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Venus in Virgo: "There is a Time and Place for Love--and it's Qualified by Specifics"

     "She/he loves me, she/he loves me not--because of the following reasons," says Venus in Virgo, and you're either on the receiving end or handing down the hard facts. This is the Goddess of Pleasure & Enjoyment in a cool, distant state of affection, with emphasis on personal boundaries and conditions: "What do you mean when {you} say 'I love you, baby'. Be more specific!"
     Venus in Virgo says,"I'll believe it when you show me--and actions speak louder than words" will make or break your romantic mood. Doubt, discernment, critiquing and second-guessing: these are some of Virgo's traits, and Venus would rather say "No thanks" rather than have to tell you that you're not meeting Her standards as a partner. Venus in Virgo will love sincerely and with earnestness, but you've got to pass a lengthy interview of qualifications. And no: sweet talk and charm doesn't make it work: there's a mental notebook of "must-have" conditions.
     On a positive note, Venus in Virgo is quite willing to do something for a social project that serves the community: helping decorate or improve a food kitchen that feeds those in need, or making sure the area of work is spotless, organized, and kept functional. A fun date for a Venus in Virgo would be at the gym--but don't expect to share the shower unless your nails are trimmed and you've brought your own soap.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Lunar Return and month-to-month Activity cycles of the Moon

The lunar return is one method of tuning in oneself to the trends of psychological astrology as well as "what's up for me?"  Similar in nature to the solar return but in a 27.5 day phase, the lunar return offers us the chance to see what the month(s) ahead will bring, each with a new "social/public/business scene" from the Moon's energies.  And since the Moon is part of our subconscious nature, it represents what we have asked to learn and have drawn to ourselves in the process.  What better way to see "What have I asked to experience next?" in the month(s) ahead? 

I use lunar returns to keep clients (especially the ladies) aware of timing phases that are manageable in small scale: "What's going on with me for next/this month?" The other planets can also be identified within a lunar return; they may have a cooperative or limited flow of energy with the Moon, depending on placements for the specified time.  

The lunar return is yet ANOTHER reason that I encourage my clients to follow the potential flows of Life Activity during the course of a year--and they say the advantages are dramatically in their favor. Note: "lunar types" (4th house Moon or Asc. or Cancer Asc or 4th house stellium) should ESPECIALLY follow the lunar returns throughout the year!
Go here for your lunar return request and select Option 5: Lunar return #5

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Elements as the spice(s) of Life Expression

If the elements were seasonings, then they would be the spices of Life that variety is said to bring.  They are emotional and sensory keys of behavior and needs that indicate the “temperament” of an individual:  how he/she “tastes” their world-at-large.  In that manner, using spices and the sensory quality of taste will work here:
Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

are “spicy”: “hot” people who are spontaneous, energetic, motivated, aggressive, dramatic, overpowering, royal-in-bearing, or impulsive.
Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) 

are “salty”:  “Salt of the Earth” hard workers, fixed in principles and unwilling to yield until moved, grounding, sensuous and touchy-feely, persistent, determined, and willing to bear a burden to get the job done.
Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

are “sweet”: “Lighter-than-air” intelligent souls who communicate, question, query, disseminate, and disperse ideas and information; arbitrators and negotiators, graceful presenters of social tact and presentation, social gatherers and coordinators of humanitarian projects and programs.

Like pickles and relish, Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)
are “sour”:  “bitter-at-times” but with a purpose: an awareness of pain, sensitivity, and distress in another person’s psyche.  Outbursts of emotions, playing on vulnerabilities and compassion in others, manipulation of affection by acts of display, and mood swings are found here. 

(c) MDLOP8 2010

Friday, July 18, 2014

Astrological Report Sale for Jupiter's Expansion in Magnificent Leo

(A 3'fer Report Offer also available) as a means of celebrating and saying thanks for "Bigger and Better Things (Jupiter) in Appreciation (Leo) for the next year cycle for all of us":
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Relationship Techniques: Closeness or Distance? Personal, Social, or Global?

In synastry, I consider the energies of the signs as Indicators of Attraction: either it's a matched force or not. And if so, how does the sign and its qualities of Closeness or Distance (C&D) correspond with the partner? If you're matched with a "like-minded" polarity for C&D, then you should have a much better chance at a relationship. If not...prepare for struggle or rejection.

I've seen this referred to as Personal, Social, and Interpersonal as well. Again, in my synastry work, I go with a blend of this along with the planets and signs. But--I let the Magnetic Attractive Force be part of my answer. Are the two parties involved matched regarding their Levels of C&D? How are they suited as Personal, Social, or Interpersonal (Global)? (I credit this to Stephen Arroyo,if my memory is correct.)

Let's try it with an astrological review of Sun and Moon energies:

Aries - Personal for sure. "It's All about Me Being Important and #1!" Closeness, but beware the need for "a new conquest!" in some Aries. It's all about being involved with someone, but it could also be someone different on an ever-rotating basis depending on availability.

Taurus - Personal. "You're Mine!" Can be overly possessive of belongings and loved ones. Closeness for sensuality. Taurus holds on tight, so if you're personal-space claustrophobic, stay away. Taurus regards partners as property, so your personal value and income count too.

Gemini - Personal. "I love a good conversation!" Enjoys closeness to share ideas; more mental than physical, please. Gemini grooves on someone to talk with/to, and the intellectual stimulation leads to emotional satisfaction (especially with a Gemini Moon too).

Cancer - Personal--big time. The Apron Strings/Smothering or Deep Attachments. Closeness is a must--and family counts too. Moonchildren love the physical touch; it's all about feeling and holding someone--and if you were small enough, you'd be cradled in the Crab's embrace.

Leo - Social. "You noticed me, of course!" Leo prefers Closeness, but it's also because they need to bask in the attention they get from being loved and sharing it too. Of COURSE Leo needs someone who says "You look great! I love you!" If it's one person or an adoring crowd, it's all glow and go with Leo.

Virgo - Social. "I hope you understand how difficult it is for me to let you see my faults if we live together--and by the way, I'll do the same to you too." One of the signs which indicates a life apart from others, partially because of the stress involved in maintaining Personal Boundaries & Private Space (and everything and everyone in neat little organized structures).

Libra - Social. The Quintessential Soul Mate-Match who rightfully needs a complimentary Partner. This is the Completion Factor at its highest level, and Closeness is an absolute cornerstone. Downfalls are co-dependency and fears of being alone.

Scorpio - Social. "It takes two people to make a baby, and society is built on births." Scorpio needs the physical release of sex and the emotional intensities too. This is more Distance than Closeness because the Scorpion wants privacy and security, and a partner could compromise it. For this reason, I think Scorpios are the best-suited-for-each-other match of the same signs. The closeness that Scorpio does desire is more for physical-sexual bonding to create deep emotional release.

Sagittarius - Interpersonal/Global. "There's so many Opportunities, including other people, so why limit myself?" Sagittarius does like commitment, but they like the Distance between themselves and partners more often. Sagittarius can find people from other cultures to be better matches.

Capricorn - Interpersonal/Global. "You're part of the Big Plan, and that includes our relationship." Money and love bring Distance or Closeness--if it's sensible, profitable, and keeps the Plan in action, then it's better. Trophy-hunters are found here, and their objects of desire too, and Sugar Daddies and Vamps.

Aquarius - Interpersonal/Global. "We're all One Big Family." Aquarius has a natural awareness of All Man & Woman Brothers and Sisters. Distance is never an issue when they're with someone who is a friend in a close-enough way that doesn't get serious. That goes for bonding and commitment choices too--just expect the aloofness and need for being with groups.

Pisces - Interpersonal/Global. "I'm Joined in Partnership with the Universe." Kind of hard for the Fish to let go; they're so tuned in on Higher Wavelengths of Love. Pisces can be extremely loyal and Close (especially if Venus in Pisces is indicated); they can also be out to sea and deep in the depths of detachment. Remember: 2 fish, going in opposite directions.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Love goes Flutterby in Social Circles with Venus in Gemini

With Venus in Gemini, intellectual and social endeavors and pursuits are more favorable—including “second-guessing” a relationship and clarifying intentions from you or a partner. Therefore, it’s a good time to socialize and work on communications skills with loved ones (and those whom you wish to pursue)—with new technologies that encourage reading and writing, expressing and directing curiosity through short-term endeavors and trips, and even classroom experiences.

However—DO expect that “two-for-one” deals are possible now in romance: Venus in Gemini brings out “duality” in others, so that “I have an alternative in case this doesn’t work out” love affairs and relationships are possible.
And a musical reminder from Gustav Holst about Gemini qualities, courtesy of Mercury.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Psychological Astrology and holistic healing practices

Psychological astrology (and astrology in general) has excellent opportunities for the community of holistic and natural healers.  By using astrological knowledge as an additional tool in one's respective practice with clients and patients, the potentials are diversified and expansive. 

This also extends financial options and advantages:  astrology's "right to the heart of the issue" is far better for  the healing or counseling session and making it affordable for both the practitioner and the client.  There is no need to prolong or delay valuable time:  the effective use of knowledge and energy by both parties is realized much sooner and with better results. (And this also means more income for the practitioner along with more available personal or professional time.)

Here are some enterprises where astrological knowledge can enhance and support the healing and psychological arts.  Remember: there are therapists and healers who are incorporating astrological techniques in these fields:

Massage therapy
Body movement therapies
Social work cases
Psychological counseling
Family counseling
Parenting classes
Life crisis management
Vocational guidance
Academic guidance
Animal husbandry
Gardening for healing 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Love, Money, Power, or Fear: Personal Motivators of signs

 This should give a great deal of insight not only for the signs, but for how we relate to others, to our own Needs (our Moon), our Self-identity (Sun), and also our Fears and Worries (Saturn). 

Ever figure what motivates people?  It's easy--and it works with everyone you know (including loved ones):
Love, Money, Power, or Fear.  

Two of them are constants in our life (Primary), and two are not important (Secondary).  The trick is to know which two are yours, and see how you  match each other (in relationships), or just being aware of your personal "hot  buttons."

They each have a positive and negative reinforcement as motivators in our lives, depending on which ones are Primaries.  Again, the rule is that two of four are Primaries:  these are the two factors which motivate and inspire each of us, and the remaining two (Secondaries) are not of consideration nor consequence when it comes to decision-making processes.  Our relationships that succeed or fail, whether personal or professional, can depend heavily on how well matched we are with a Significant Other who mirrors back a similar Primary.

Love as a Positive Primary brings someone a warm feeling of appreciation for living things, human or otherwise; they are very attuned to the flow of energy that sustains all that exists.  Some of these people are healers or work with support systems that enhance or encourage people, animals, plants, or other creatures to be maintained or thrive.  Love as a Positive Primary can be very spiritual; it is a natural part of this type to be affectionate and seek out others who enjoy receiving and giving this energy.

As a Negative Primary, these people can be overcome by jealousy and possessiveness.  They may be envious of others who receive or give affection or displays of love.  Some people who use Love as a Negative Primary force do not let other people find fulfillment in romantic situations:  a parent or partner who deliberately uses control of Love is such a person.

Money as a Positive Primary can be seen through people who are resourceful, inventive, generous, and philanthropic; they are willing to share with others who are in need.  Possessions and property are not theirs exclusively; they are aware of being supportive and encouraging in motivating others to reach their goals or just keep trying and not quit.  Professor Muhammad Yunus and his efforts to provide micro-loans to women who needed financial assistance to break the cycle of poverty is one example.  This is more than just giving to charities too:  this is realizing that Manifestation is a gift that everyone can create and use.  

Something  as simple as the "pay it forward" method of giving to someone who needs assistance and then letting them extend the same opportunity to someone else in need would be such a method.  The Native American tradition of potlatch is an example:  The potlatch is a festival or ceremony  practiced among Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. At these gatherings a family or hereditary leader hosts guests in their  family's house and holds a feast for their guests. The main purpose of the potlatch is the re-distribution and reciprocity of wealth.

Different events take place during a potlatch, like either singing and dances, sometimes with masks or regalia, such as Chilkat blankets, the barter of wealth through gifts, such as dried foods, sugar, flour, or other material things, and sometimes money. For many potlatches, spiritual ceremonies take place for different occasions. This is either through material wealth such as foods and goods or non-material things such as songs and dances.

As a Negative Primary, Money can be a crippling need for wealth at the cost of others' lives:  slavery is one example.  Greed, miserliness, and the abuse of others at any price is another.  The monetary system in general (not barter) has many examples of how financial means can become an abusive method of controlling people.

Power as a Positive Primary brings out the best in creative visualization and faith in one's values if they are used to help and assist others and life in general.  This is the realm of believing in one's goals, as well as helping others to reach theirs.  It is more than physical strength; this is spiritual strength and empowerment, and the purpose of having a dream to pursue.  Some people go into various methods of Life Coaching, including sports, in order to help others fulfill their destinies.  The late college basketball coach, John Wooden of UCLA, is a great example.  Jaime Escalante, the high school math teacher who encouraged his students to break free of the poverty mentality of their East Los Angeles upbringing and go on to college, is another.  

As a Negative Primary, Power can certainly be seen as a control factor.  The use and abuse of Love, Money, and Fear to frighten and weaken others can be seen throughout the history of Mankind through the works of literature and other means of expressing and recording the stories of people and their efforts.  Domination, tyranny, and competitiveness that overwhelms others at the price of their freedom (again, slavery and conquest being two examples) finds justification in the eyes and minds of people who believe that "Might Makes Right."

Fear as a Positive Primary is often misunderstood as a weakness, but it has a proper place.  Caution, security, and deliberate, proper planning are excellent ways of being sure and confident of one's plans or position in life.  Such people are often slow to respond, but are determined and successful.  I would place investor Warren Buffet here because of the rules he follows regarding his strategies about money:  don't lose it, and don't take unnecessary risks.

As a Negative Primary, Fear is used by people who are afraid; the word "afraid" itself often appears in their language.  They can be intimidated easily and reduced to positions of self-doubt and worry.  I consider such people to "drive with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake"; they often are hesitant to take control of opportunities for themselves, and can be overwhelmed by emotional factors and insecurities.  Death as a topic and the fear of the unknown after death is another part of a Fear-based Negative Primary; it has been used for centuries as a means of controlling people's values and resources.
As I see it, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are the ones I would say have more potential for influence by Power. Certainly, Aries activates it in self and others; Gemini acquires satisfaction of information from it; Leo wants to receive it from presence of existence; Scorpio controls and contains it; Sagittarius exults in receiving and distributing it; and Capricorn wants it for consolidation and formation of an idea.

I'd say that Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces are more Fear-motivated. Taurus wants security of existence in tangible form; Cancer wants safety of existence; Virgo wants boundaries and structure of existence for self and others; Scorpio wants privacy and safety at any cost; Aquarius fears losing freedom of self and social encounters to outdated standards; and Pisces needs to hide from the aggression of others in a world that seems bizarre and unfriendly. 

And I'd think that Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn are also Money-oriented too. Leo, Libra, and Pisces are the ones I'd say are definitely "Love"-motivated too. Yes, I do think some people who are in these Sun signs could have other types of motivation other than what I've indicated--but this is a generalization on my part to categorize them.

Aries is all about conquest: Power. Gemini wants Power of Information. Leo wants Power for Appreciation of Personality. Scorpio wants it to control and dominate; also for self-protection. Sagittarius wants it for the ability to do more. And Capricorn wants it to create a legacy.

Taurus wants security--without it, there's no safety: either Money or Fear (the lack of money). Cancer is the same way--especially for a Cancer Moon or ascendant. Virgo wants to protect personal boundaries and quirks: the fear of "not having routines." Scorpio doesn't want to lose personal privacy, so in fear of this, it lashes out fiercely at anyone or anything who would take it. Aquarius doesn't want to lose Personal Freedom of choice. And Pisces is afraid of never Going Back Home.

As noted, Taurus wants money to acquire belongings. Cancer wants it to provide for others--and to maintain security. Leos may want money to show themselves in more dramatic ways. Scorpio likes the power of money and what it can do. Capricorn knows that money makes for business deals.

Regarding Love, Leo is more likely to want everyone to love them for Being there. Libra may be Co-Dependent for Love. And Pisces feels such Universal Love for others from the Flow of Life force from the Creator.