Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cinderella/Prince Charming Romance Timing for Soul Mate connections

(Note: the role of Cinderella is being played by
                Scarlett Johansson.)

“Dear Astrological Consultant, when will I find the man (or woman) of my dreams**?”**(Note: yes, men do have 'romantic times' too; the author Robert Louis Stevenson met his wife, who was 10 years senior, during such an event--and he wrote some great love letters to her. And there certainly are 'romantic' signs for men with Venus in their chart.)

Chiron is the planet of Cinderellas.  Like any other planet, Chiron is constantly moving as it orbits the Sun. As Chiron moves in the sky, whenever it makes a MAGICAL ANGLE to your Venus, Jupiter or Neptune, you are at the peak of your Romance Cycle. The same is true when the position of Venus, Jupiter or Neptune in the sky makes a Magical Angle to your Chiron. It is at these times that you are in your Cinderella Time and you are most attractive, most charming and most fascinating.

During your Cinderella Time, people forgive you for everything. They overlook your faults and you are at the peak of your popularity. It is during your Cinderella Time that you are as irresistible as you can possibly be. You can almost walk on air. This is when you have the greatest chance of meeting your Prince Charming (or your princess), fall in love together and marry him (or her). But as you must have guessed, your Cinderella Gateway is open only for a few times in your life and only briefly each time. Don't miss it. It is crucial that you take advantage of it whenever it occurs in your own life.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Venus in Pisces: the Exaltation of Love as a Force of Attraction and Creation

(From The Astrologer's Handbook by Sakoian and Acker) - Venus in Pisces. I have this position opposite my ascendant in Virgo. The Feminine Principle totally inspires me, and totally overwhelms me. At the same time.

           Venus in the sign Pisces is in its exaltation.  Here the love principle reaches its highest evolutionary development; the natives marry for love, no other considerations being of any consequence. Venus in this sign manifests deep compassion and sympathy converging on spirituality—the understanding of and unity with all life. The universality of Venus in Aquarius, combined with the empathy and emotional depth of Pisces—which is ruled by Neptune—produces an emotional rapport with the life of all creatures in the universe.  The individual sees the Eternal Life principle flowing through all manifestation, uniting the soul with all life.  These people have a high capacity to understand the feelings of others; they know what it is like to be in another person’s shoes. The experience of having been through all the signs of the Zodiac gives the soul the ability to identify with all types of humanity.

          People with this position of Venus are romantic and sensitive.  Unless they receive clear demonstrations of love and affection from others, they feel lonely and disappointed. Sometimes the disappointment leads to a feeling of martyrdom, which may be sublimated into religious expressions. Or it may lead to neurotic tendencies or mental illness.  The Neptunian rulership of Pisces gives intuitive inspiration to Venus, making these people capable of drawing on higher dimensions for resources in artistic, poetic, and musical creation; many great composers, artists, and poets have Venus in Pisces. This Venus position probably has more innate ability for inspired artistic creativity than any other placements.

          Because the natives are highly sensitive to the suffering of others, people may take advantage of their sympathies unless their discrimination is well developed. Their extreme emotional sensitivity means they are often afraid of being hurt through rejection; thus they hesitate to express their feelings, suffering the pangs of love in silence.  Sometimes they miss romantic opportunities. They are inclined to become emotionally dependent on others or have others become emotionally dependent on them.

          If Venus is afflicted in Pisces, there can be excessive sentimentality,  lack of discrimination in choosing love objects, laziness, hypersensitivity, and over-dependence on others.  Strong emotions can stand in the way of objective perception of reality.

Venus is Exalted in Pisces
     To mature to its full fruition, Venus, which rules the principle of love and attraction, must go through the entire cycle of experience in the Zodiac. Only when we can put ourselves in another person’s shoes and feel with him or her what he feels can we be sympathetically attuned to that person and feel capable of loving them. Love in the true sense requires that we be attuned to all creation.  

Only in Pisces, where Venus works with the transcendental vibrations of Neptune and the goodwill of Jupiter, does such a high goal reach fulfillment. Love is the most transcendent and exalted product of the evolutionary process; only one who has lived through all the experience of humanity—as represented by Pisces, the last sign of the Zodiac—can fully experience the meaning of it.  Even this is limited, since Pisces is but the end of one turn on the spiral of evolution, the next spiral holding a greater promise of the expansion of consciousness and the unfolding of new creative powers.

Monday, March 24, 2014

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Aries, the first day of Spring and Motivation

 (Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.)

Aries:  Mar 21-Apr 19
"I Am What I Am"

The birth sign Aries heralds the start of Spring, and the beginning of new life. Arian natives are characteristic of the growth that signals the new season: they are dynamically active to open up new endeavors and experiences, much as nature emerges from winter's sleep with a burst of vitality. Arians are so boundless in their expression to release their energies, they sometimes lose sight of the goal they sought to accomplish. Therefore, it would be better if an Aries learned to complete the task at hand, before bursting out aggressively to the next idea!

Arians are fiercely independent for their causes and desire to conquer new territories. The Arian temper is legendary for its volcanic explosions at the slightest challenge, but it burns out quickly and all is forgiven moments later. Arians are noted for both physical strength and endurance, which also translates into sexual energy. Their desire to bring forth new avenues in all aspects of life carries into pursuit of the opposite sex.

Arians have a child-like, innocent quality to their actions; foolish, impulsive decisions without planning and courageous life-threatening heroics are typical. They are certainly accident-prone. Their greatest fear is to be rejected by someone or to be confronted by a potential weakness. Due to the warrior nature of Aries' namesake, the Greek god of War, Ares, military service and the affinity for firearms and sharp objects have an Arian appeal. Aries is the sign of the soldier, and sports often provide the release for the need to physically overpower an "opponent."

Aries is the sign of the ego, the need to learn life's lessons the hard way, through repeated, patient example, until deliberation and preparation of their exuberance can be better directed.  There are two types of Aries:  the "Mars" type which looks for fights or causes and must be constantly engaged in some kind of conflict, or the "Sun" type, which is the Exalted role of Aries.  This role brings more motivation and inspiration to projects (or individuals with whom the soul connects): "the Peaceful Warrior."

Control, comprehension and completion are three important milestones in an Arian's life. When they are mastered, the dynamic regenerative ability, spiritual self-confidence and willpower are harnessed, and the creative activities become more divinely inspired.

Masculine Principle: Potency
(Mars)  Physical -Sexual Energy
Aggression – Anger - Drive - Assertion
Soldier – Warrior - Amazon    
The Don Juan - Woman Chaser  
The Pioneer - Daredevil

Sly Stallone
Warren Beatty  
Vin Diesel
Bruce Willis 
Extreme Sports
Amelia Earhardt
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Evel Knievel

(c) MDLOP8 2010

Monday, March 3, 2014

Transits & Progressions: Your Life's Personal Bed and Breakfast Visitors

Guess Who’s Come for a Visit?
Why, it's the Transits & Progressions!!

This refers to the counter-clockwise movement of the planets under current cycles against the natural background of your chart. Let’s think of it as your personal "Cosmic Bed & Breakfast."

In personal terms, think of as many as 16* visitors (*with the asteroids, Chiron, and Lilith) “visiting” your home (Life) and the respective houses (wedges) in your chart, depending on the sign on the cusp (sort of a doorman, eh?). Each “guest” receives a different "room" to stay in for their time of residence, depending on their schedule—and each house/wedge is a realm of activity that is activated or emphasized. Preparations need to be made for each “visitor,” in that you either gain “rent-income” for their visit (a positive opportunity phase) or a lesson to be learned and mastered (a frustrating or stressful time—or ultimately a growth process)--in how you choose to handle it).

Each planet-guest receives a measure of comfort—or discomfort—depending on any previous occupants by design from the birth chart. In other words, when a transiting planet “arrives” at a wedge on your chart, it stays for its respective term—like being on a vacation. However, it might be asked to ‘share’ accommodations with any planets that naturally reside there by natural residence on your chart.

So now you’ve got a ‘visitor’ to a particular area of life experience—and depending on how they generate energy, your ‘guest’ may be comfortable—or irritable. Either way, there are lessons to be experienced and learned; “activated” is another term. The “guest” planet(s) will also interact with the natural outlay of planets from the birth chart—so your “guests” may or may not be pleased at the circumstances—hence, the “learning” process in how we choose to adapt and make them “at home.”

The *planets in their transits repeat themselves in timely cycles: Mars moves around the chart every two years; Saturn takes @ 2.5 years; Jupiter visits in a 12-year phase; Uranus has a 7-year cycle; Neptune works its illusions and dissolving trends for @13 years; Pluto may vary between 12-31 years, depending on its unusual orbit. The Sun, although it is the center of our solar system, is also considered to “move” in the chart, as does the Moon. The Sun will naturally follow the 12-month zodiac, and the Moon will change every 2.5+/- days.

I don’t usually emphasize Venus or Mercury because they are more ‘social’ in nature, rather than having long-term significance or emphasis. (They're easier to accommodate.) Nothing like Pluto staying for years at a time--and there's always some sort of unplanned renovation going on when it visits!...and just about everyone is glad to see Saturn leave too because there's SO much work that has to be done while it stays! The door is always open for Jupiter because it usually brings fortune and opportunity. Mars...tends to be a bit upsetting: anything from literally burning down the house to knocking down the walls to build that new exercise room. Uranus...well, you never can tell what will happen--but prepare for the unexpected. And Neptune...never sure if Neptune is EVER going to make an appearance!)


Whereas transits are the current Life Activity events, progressions are more about the Soul's Evolutionary Progress as experienced by the advancement of the planets through the signs over a lifetime. I call progressions "The Butterfly Emerging from the Cocoon" phases of Life.

The primary points & planets that I recommend are the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. They each change signs over specific periods of time, especially the Sun (1 degree per year from the starting degree marker of birth; 30 degrees total) and the Moon (1 degree per month). For example, I was born 24 degrees Aries; at 6 years old, I "evolved" into Taurus. My birth Sun remains the same; I then experienced 30 years of a two-way lesson of Soul Identity as an Aries-Taurus. At age 36, I became a Gemini, and will continue until age 66, when I become a Cancer-Crab.

The Moon also advances in this way each month at one degree, and is very useful to examine trends in social activity, encounters with the public-at-large, and relationship patterns. The other planets also move, especially the inner ones, but I do not use them as frequently unless they reach critical degree points.

Here's another way of viewing it:

· When the Progressed Sun Changes Sign: Depending on how long a person lives, the progressed Sun changes sign perhaps 3 times in the entire life span. The period when the progressed Sun is very late in a sign and is about to change to a new sign (this occurs for about a year) is often a rather critical year in which many changes occur. When the progressed Sun changes signs, there is usually a very clear change in a person's general orientation and responses to his or her environment. Plenty of real-life events are possible (such as relocation, a new job in a new field, etc.), but the common theme is starting fresh—"out with the old and in with the new"—and a marked change in the outlook and attitudes of an individual. Before the progressed Sun changes signs, there can be some fear and dread—even a feeling that things are being "taken" from us. Hasty and poor decisions and a sense of urgency can be characteristic of this period.

· The Progressed Moon — Cycle of Maturity: The progressed Moon moves through the houses of our natal chart, coming full circle in about 27-28 years. The house it is moving through represents areas of our life that come into focus. We recognize our needs in these areas more intensely, although not necessarily clearly. For example, the progressed Moon moving through the 4th house often brings with it a strong need and search for "roots" and basic life definition. Even though our natal Moon sign "reigns" over our emotional needs in a general sense, our focus shifts as the progressed Moon passes through our houses.

In fact, our emotional needs seem to change or shift as the house position changes. The sign of your Progressed Moon indicates the prevailing emotional attitude of that period of time. Also note that if you look into your past and determine when the progressed Moon passed over any one of the four angles in your chart (that is, the Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and IC) you will see that these progressions/passages often mark rather significant times in your life. Also significant is the progression of the Moon to critical degrees, as well as Progressed Moon in aspect to natal planets and points.

· The Progressed Lunation Cycle: This is the cycle from one progressed New Moon to the next (every 27-28 years). Look to the phase of the progressed Sun and progressed Moon. During the progressed New Moon phase, individuals instinctively start a new phase or chapter in their lives. The Crescent phase brings about new challenges and opportunities, as well as adjustments, that don't always feel pleasant, to the new cycle as a purpose is not entirely clear at this point in the cycle.

The First Quarter phase represents a particularly active, building stage, while the Gibbous stage presents a time of refining and fine-tuning. This makes way for the Full Moon phase, which is a time of fruition and accomplishment. This marks the beginning of the progressed waning moon phase, when some things dissolve and one begins to recognize the need to let go. 

The Disseminating phase is a time of sharing and literally "disseminating" that which has been learned in the waxing phase of the moon. The next phase, the Third Quarter Moon phase, marks a time of one's life when there lies some discontent and dissatisfaction with the way one has been approaching life. This can be a somewhat confusing time, as one instinctively prepares for the final stage of the waning Moon: the Balsamic phase. During this phase, old systems begin to phase out, and there may be a desire for withdrawal and reflection.

· Progressed Planets Conjuncting an Angle of the Natal Chart or Progressed Angles Conjuncting a Natal Planet or Point. These activations involving natal and progressed angles (the Ascendant and Midheaven) generally point to significant personal changes in the native's life.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pisces - Cosmic Consciousness with the One Creative Source

Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.

Pisces (February 19 - 
March 20)
"I am What I Intuitively Believe"
In Pisces, we find the emotional state of water compounded by the illusionary rulership of Neptune, as well as the higher ideals of inspiration and faith of Jupiter, its co-ruler. Piscean souls seem to be caught in the tides of human emotion that are constantly swirling around us. They have an empathic nature that makes them sensitive subconsciously to those around them, and to the world at large. Pisceans are reluctant to conform to "common sense" because they are vaguely aware that Earth is not the real home of our highly developed soul nature.

This longing to return back to the presence of God and the spiritual level of unity with our Creator makes Pisceans take an escapist attitude. Their attempts to transcend their earthly bonds can be destructive if not brought under control. Pisces rules the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as the fantasies of the mind, and many of these people turn to the abuses of mind and body in this manner.

The sign of Pisces is two fish, swimming in opposite directions. The escapist side is one fish, but the other is the higher evolved side, which turns back to the creative, mystical channels of universal energies. Pisceans are able to create great works of art or poetry, and their natural desire to express themselves in dance or music. They allow themselves to find their other-worldly self in the dream life of the theater, as they are able to envision themselves in another person's shoes and can act out roles by immersing their identity.

Pisceans also find a fulfillment of purpose in self-sacrifice and service, and are often found working in hospitals and institutions, where their healing love for people brings them peace. They are sensitive to the suffering of the world, and by reaching out to help others in need, they uplift the lives of others, as well as their own. A Pisces will also take on responsibilities or entangle themselves in relationships with the best intentions, but often attracting someone with qualities that make the Pisces' efforts seem in vain, such as patterns of abusive lovers or spouses.
Pisces rules the feet, as it is natural that these people learn to experience a grounding effect to keep them aware of the realities of life. It is this very contact with the earth that enables them to be the graceful ballet, choreographer, ballroom dancer or performing arts achievers, who draw us to daydream of the etheric heights. Pisceans also are blessed by their desire to play musical instruments, or the superb vocal qualities that they often possess. No matter what their gift is, a Pisces wants to share it with us to remind us of our origin and true home with our Creator.

Transcendental Merging with Spirit -
Cosmic Consciousness “Other-Worldliness”
(Neptune - Jupiter)
Union to the Creator’s Universal Mind
The Dreamer 
The Renunciate
Substance Abuses    
Cults - Escapism    
Religious Sacrifice
New Age music
Yoga - body work
The Musician - Poet

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mercury Retrograde: Lost Information & time for personal reflection

Here we are again: it's time for Mercury retrograde (Feb. 6-28).

About four times a year, a 4-6 week occurrence happens in when Mercury goes retrograde: all types of communication go 'unsteady.' It is often observed that papers are misplaced, documents and important transactions are not processed as planned, people often complain that they can't focus or think clearly, appointments are canceled or postponed, hiring decisions are delayed, or other matters of sharing information are cast adrift until that point when Mercury once again regains its position as leader and overtakes the Earth in its orbit. Travel plans go astray more so during a Mercury retro because Mercury rules short trips. 

What's a retrograde? A retrograde indicates an internalization process; influences and actions that would be energized for the planet(s) that are in a retro cycle are slower to manifest:  they are more ‘inside than outside’ and take longer to complete, comprehend, or activate. As a physical happening, this is when the Earth overtakes the other planet in our respective orbits around the Sun (*the other planets also go “retro”; the only one that doesn’t is the Moon)--and it appears that the slower moving one is going 'backwards.' We have all see this while driving on the highway or in trains: the landscape (or vehicle overtaken) looks to be going in reverse.  Of course, that does not really happen, but the optical illusion is there.  Mercury is the fastest moving planet that we know of in its orbit around the Sun: it takes approximately 88 days.

In astrological terms, Mercury represents our capacity to communicate and think, thereby "ruling" (or 'sponsoring') all types of mental activities and delivery of thoughts: written and verbal, as well as contracts, signings of such, and the industries that provide these services (phones, computers, electronics). Which signs get zinged the most? Well, Gemini and Virgo, because they're ruled by Mercury. Not that they're exclusive, but they seem to feel it sooner. The same for Gemini and Virgo moon signs and ascendants.

Has this any good potential--aside from feeling that one has lost his or her mind for a temporary period of time or that it's not appropriate to sign that important paper? Yes: some people find they can actually focus more clearly on a single idea during Mercury retrograde. Some writers (myself included) and people who may be considered hyperactive or ADD may find they can actually do more work on a regimented schedule during a Mercury retrograde. I have found some of my better writing efforts have come during a time frame like this. 

Also, matters that went wrong before but have better potential now for a renewal or second chance may find results during a Mercury retrograde. Sales, "meeting someone again" for the second time to repair or join again in a reunion often works better because it's a "we've done this before" awareness that allows for the subconscious self to blend mind and emotion without trying to out-think the idea on a conscious level. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aquarius - Universal Knowledge and Independence of Self

(Just a note:  not ALL the classic social role models ("archetypes") will fit the sign's characteristics--but these are good examples of people who outwardly express the qualities of the sign.)

(January 21 - February 19)
I Am Unique in order to Liberate Myself and Others

Aquarians are the independent, free-spirited souls of the zodiac, answering to none but their inner voice that makes them unpredictable in thought and behavior. 
The symbol for Aquarius is a man pouring a pitcher of water onto the earth:  the representation is the water of knowledge that Aquarians pour to share with all mankind.  Thus, Aquarius is NOT a water sign, but an air element.  Humanitarian endeavors naturally draw an Aquarian. They see no boundaries between social or nationality lines, embracing the brotherhood/sisterhood of the world. Aquarians are friendship-minded and group-oriented, and the agility and ease with which they find new associations, organizations, and ideas to share within those groups are more important than one-to-one relationships.

The rulership of Uranus makes many Aquarians feel as though they are going through life on a roller coaster, with unexpected turns and upheavals. Anyone who comes into contact with an Aquarian may also be puzzled by their strong, stubborn sense of freedom and independence, as well as their choice to change the rules according to their own whims. Aquarians also display an amazing mental aggressiveness that characterizes air signs. Their thoughts can range from eccentricity to genius, at the same time and depending upon whose opinion is being considered! The Aquarian phrase is "I Know," and they are quite honest in their confidence that much of the knowledge of the universe is accessible for them.

Aquarians must have their sense of freedom to explore their need for change and new, exciting ideas to share with others. They can detach from commitments at a moment's notice without a need to explain, making them seem cold and distant. They can remain loyal to those with whom they feel worthy of attention, but mental challenge and intellectual rapport are critical to keeping them interested.  Aquarians also enjoy the determination and stubbornness that is typical of fixed signs. They can make dedicated workers, as long as their effort leads to the benefit of a group effort.

Aquarians also share the rulership of Saturn, which lends a grounding effect to their sudden and erratic actions, as well as a desire to follow through to completion a disciplined end to what they have started. Aquarius also rules the world of electronics, radio communications and new inventions. Many Aquarians find great enthusiasm with the world of video or computers and their accessories.

Aquarius rules the electrical aura of the body, as well as the ankles and shins. They often enjoy activities that challenge them with the physical use of their legs, such as swimming, biking, or skating. They are also prone to a loss of heat in their circulatory system when they have emotional upset or other illnesses weaken them.

Brother/Sisterhood - Universal Knowledge and Thinking
(Uranus - Saturn)
Independence & Originality - Eccentricity
Social Unity
The Humanitarian
“Different Drummer”
The Social Rebel
The Genius
Social Revolution
The 60’s 
Grateful Dead 
George Sand
Edison - Tesla
Einstein - Physics
The Matrix Trilogy

(c) MDLOP8 2010

Friday, January 24, 2014

Debussy: Clair de Lune *(Tomita electronic version)

Debussy's Clair de Lune (Moonlight) from his piano work Suite Bergamasque is given an electronic make over by Japanese electronics wizard and pioneer Isao Tomita.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Houses: the "Cities of the World" as Areas of Life Experience

Antero Alli, a fantastic author on astrology, wrote this book.  Within it, he had the idea of the chart houses (those "wedges," as I call 'em) as "states" of existence, much as I've outlined in a prior post.
But what I found helpful was to turn the idea of houses into "cities" around the world.  To me, the chart IS a "world view" of our lives on an individual level.  Here are my ideas for the 12 "city-states" of the world of our lives, along with dynamics of each.

1st House = Aries
New York City:
"The Big Apple" &
New York Yankees #1
(Personality & Physical Embodiment)
Early childhood years

2nd House = Taurus
Las Vegas/Monte Carlo: $$, indulgences, music; View toward sex & needs Self-values, attitude toward assets; Attitude toward earning capacity and its expression.

3rd house = Gemini
Minneapolis-St. Paul or Philadelphia
“Twin” Cities or the City of Brotherly Love; 
(siblings and communications; short travels)

4th house = Cancer-Crab
“No Place Like Home”
“Have you called your mother lately?”
(home environment; end of life; mother-figure influence)

5th house = Leo
Creativity (physical and mental)
Activities of luck;arts and crafts skills, Children and expression of romantic nature

6th house = Virgo

Hahd wehk nevah huht nobahdee
(Hard work never hurt nobody).
Work ethics, Day-to-day service and activities to humanity; Health and dietary needs

7th house = Libra
Hawaii & Polynesian Islands
Partnerships (Marriage, Business & Social Engagements) 
Dealings with Significant Others & Soul Mates

8th house = Scorpio
Moscow; Chicago (in the 1920s); Miami 
Values of Others
Death-Rebirth Cycles
Sexual Dynamics
Sharing of Self: Assets, body, energy; Attunement with 
world of spirit; Deep intensity of character
Intuitive mind; perceptive “radar”
Destructive use of power: criminal mind

9th house = Sagittarius 
Notre Dame, (school and cathedral); Jerusalem, Mecca, the Vatican; Harvard.
Higher Education and values of learning.
Social regulations and order of ideals.
Morality; Spirituality keys;
Philosophical Issues;
Interest in other cultures and values

10th house = Capricorn
Washington, D.C.; London; Cairo; Beijing; Athens
Need for a legacy
Parent (of same sex) relationship

 11th house = Aquarius
Los Angeles - San Francisco; Seattle; AmsterdamHumboldt County, CA (Eureka-Arcata)
Group Affiliations and networking
Humanitarian Endeavors & interests; Friendships and bonding ideals; Openness toward social change

12th house = Pisces
Eden; Never-Never Land; Shangri-La, Casablanca (the movie).
Undoing; self-destructive habits.  Self-limitations, Secrets and fears about oneself; Destructive habits and tendencies; abuses of soul/spirit.
unconscious mind: memory recall from prior life awareness; Retreat for privacy

(c) MDLOP8 2010; 2014